DOI: 10.21637/GT.2016.4.01.

Own Account Logistics
– Reinvented Business Strategy for Transportation in Industry and Trade

GLEIßNER, Harald

The European transport market has been under regulation for decades until the 1980th when the European Union started a comprehensive deregulation process. The deregulation was focused on the commercial transport market and led to a profound change of the freight market situation esp. on road transport. Foremost countries like Germany with an until then tightly regulated marked tumbled into harmful market adjustments caused by the suspension of licenses, allocation quotas and tariffication. The market change went along with the business trend of outsourcing for transportation and other logistics services based on beneficial business model theories e.g. economies of scale etc. Ever since the alternative model of own account transportation became an unremarkable presence in the market and lost almost any attention in scientific discussion. Nevertheless, transport for company purposes only is still part of EU regulations as common rules for access to the international road haulage market. Critical discussion about advantages of outsourcing, quality concerns and rising awareness towards transaction cost economics was the inducement for an appraisal on the actual situation and business relevance of today’s own account transportation. The research is based on a survey with consignors in production industry and trade, in cooperation with the German Federal Association of Private Transport and Logistics (BWVL).

KEYWORDS: private account transportation, own account transportation, deregulation of transport markets, commercial transport, outsourcing
JEL Codes: L92, L98, M38, R40, R48

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