DOI: 10.21637/GT.2016.1.04.

Improving Electronic Communication between Organizations and Local Government in the Western Region of Romania

COLŢA, Adela Suzana

The current information society is based on simplified operations using new information technologies. Using information technologies simplifies and streamlines the conduct of economic activities, increases efficiency and provides a somewhat less bureaucratic environment for the new digital economy.
This paper is based on a survey and examines the role of electronic communication in organizations interaction with the local government, as well as the importance and benefits of using electronic services. Organizations express their openness and interest for electronic services, on one hand, and the lack of attraction for the local public government website, on the other hand, therefore we will try to identify the main reasons that limit the interaction by electronic means between organizations and local public government and formulate some answers that may lead to a better delivery of government services and improved interactions.
Overall, the study confirms that the business environment is ready to embrace all new informational technologies as well as the fact that organizations are aware of the benefits of using electronic means of communication in relation to the local public government, and in certain circumstances tend to prefer more this type of electronic communication.

KEYWORDS: electronic services, business environment, local public govern-ment, information and communication technologies, electronic communication
JEL Codes: H7, M10, L86

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