DOI: 10.21637/GT.2016.1.02.

Involvement of Employees in Creating a Socially Responsible Organization in Health Care Institutions

ZADROS, Katarzyna

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is a management concept that allows the development of the organisation positive image and strengthening its competitive advantage. It has been widely used by economic organisations.
The acceptance and realization of the concept assumptions by the managerial staff is not sufficient for the concept to be successfully implemented, the engagement of all the workers in the concept realisation is needed. The more conscious and more qualified the workers are and higher their responsibility for the organization’s future is, the easier it is to implement the rules of social responsibility in such an organization. The fact that workers commonly follow the rules of ethics and have the same understanding of ethical standards which are applicable in a given organisation constitutes another equally significant factor supporting the concept implementation. The workers of health institutions should be characterized by all the factors mentioned here. Thus, the process of the CSR concept implementation and realization in health care institutions should proceed more smoothly than in others. The paper – based on literature sources and empirical research – attempts to diagnose the level of health sector workers preparation to the implementation of social responsibility assumptions in their centres. The author also tries to evaluate to what extent the implementation process has already been completed or will probably be completed in the near future.

KEYWORDS: CSR, employees, management, health institutions
JEL Codes: I19, M14, L21

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