DOI: 10.21637/GT.2015.4.03.

Analysis of Impact of the Crisis on Top50 Companies in Hungary

SÁVAY, Balázs – BARTAKOVICS, Gábor – SÁVAY, Dávid

The global financial crisis had a great impact on the world, and so did on Hungary. There were industries which were deeply impacted, and so the effect was greater on firms operating in these industries, while others were less concerned. In Hungary, the ranking of the largest 50 companies was fundamentally changed. There have been companies that have disappeared, and there were some, which have tried to survive the crisis through mergers and acquisitions. However, many companies seek to restructure and reduce their cost structures significantly, by forming shared services centers (SSCs), the number of which has grown strongly in the recent years. In our study we examine the reasons for their reactions to the crisis by comparing the situations before and after it.

KEYWORDS: Top50, economic crisis, companies
JEL Codes: E32, L16

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