DOI: 10.21637/GT.2015.3.01.

New trends of business funding in the EU


Small and medium enterprises are a very important part of each economy; they are key element in providing jobs and ensure prosperity of local and regional communities. Development of small and medium enterprises is among the priorities of the economic policy of SR since the transition to a market economy, when this segment began to build almost from scratch.
Funding is very important for further development of SMEs. One of main priorities of EU is better and easier access to capital which can be achieved by guarantees and venture capitals and by simplification of rules for greater Access of SMEs to EU funds and by greater and easier Access for SMEs to internet data on financing opportunities and in their own language. The objective of this paper is to analyze the position of SMEs in the economy of Slovak Republic particularly with regard to satisfy their financial needs. We will focus on the main EU initiatives in the better access of SMEs to finance.

KEYWORDS: small and medium enterprises, COSME, Horizon 2020
JEL Codes: R511, M20

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