DOI: 10.21637/GT.2015.1-2.02.

Analysis of Knowledge Sharing Process in Automotive Industry Projects

SZENDI, Nikoletta – SZÉKELY, Csaba

The main goal of the automotive companies is to increase their competitiveness. Developing new types and models contribute to their value creating activities. The prosperous companies can react faster to the shortening life cycles by preceding the developments of the competitors. Their advantage lies in the question that how rapidly they can keep track of the technological changes. In addition to other resources the successful and rapid accomplishment of the changes depends on the professional knowledge of the employees. In the process of making changes the project as a single task gets more and more emphasis wherein the explicit and tacit knowledge of the project members are added to the efficiency of the projects.
The aim of the research is to investigate the knowledge sharing process from the point of view of the suppliers and project members delegated from the organization and in addition, to transfer tacit knowledge at the initial phase of the project, at the time of entering, after accomplishing the task and at the closing phase of the project, at the time of leaving the project. After closing the project the project members can either keep doing their work in another project or return to the department they had been delegated from. Can knowledge transfer operate at project level? Will the professional knowledge of the project members and the suppliers involved in the project be kept?

KEYWORDS: knowledge management, automotive industry, knowledge management process, tacit knowledge
JEL Codes: L62, M10

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