DOI: 10.21637/GT.2014.4.05.

Change Of The Citizens’ Attitude Towards Car Use And Fuel Consumption In Hungary

VIDA, Adrienn

Despite the directives and decisions of the European Union, the role of citizens is more and more important in reaching the national and common targets of environmental protection. The behaviour of individuals can be influenced by legal and economical tools and measures; however, the desired way is to build the personal and internal motivation. “Green thinking” – for example selective waste collection, avoiding unnecessary packaging, energy saving – may change the daily life of the households and it may improve the quality of their living environment and eventually, their life. Therefore, energy conscious behaviour may be considered as a form of environmental awareness and also as an individual behaviour.
In this paper, I evaluated a part of Hungarian surveys, where the scope of the questions were the citizens’ habits related to car use, the willingness to use biofuels and as the initial point of all the above mentioned, the elementary knowledge about these topic.
Beyond the results of descriptive statistics, I used the possibilities of SPSS software package and I tried to find connection between responses, as nominal variables and demographic ones.

KEYWORDS: environmentally conscious behaviour, biofuels, willingness to use, renewable energy sources

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