DOI: 10.21637/GT.2014.4.03.

Quality Management in Public Administration

BUDAY, Barbara Katalin

Nowadays in developed countries, the administrative reform appears in agenda, and also the globalization put a major competitive challenge on the administration. The paper is a combination of two areas: public administration and quality management. The research is going on to introduce the Common Assessment Framework, which is a result of a co-operation among EU Ministers responsible for Public Administration. CAF is a total quality management (TQM) tool which is designed for the public-sector organisations. Hungarian and European large cities, small towns and villages are representing the characteristic of the research, and that is compared to the results of the CAF self-assessment. The paper contains tables and graphs of CAF data and other given information about the qualities of the municipalities. The main questions of the research were: Where are the employees more satisfied? Is there a difference between the results achieved in the economical regions in the European Community? Can we suppose if there is any similarity of the Hungarian results to the others of Europe? With the benchmarking I have found out that policy and strategy and the key performance planning were the strongest part at the municipalities, while human resource management and employee relationships need to be developed.

KEYWORDS: quality management, public administration, self-assessment, CAF data

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