DOI: 10.21637/GT.2014.4.01.

Innovation and Organizational Culture – Change Management Issues in a Financial Institution’s Organizational Culture


Innovative organizations – besides achieving market success – permanently seek to develop their internal processes, such as the transformation of organizational culture. The purpose of changing the culture can be many, which in most cases aims at reaching projects set by the organization more efficiently and attaining a more successful operation. For this we need the employees to be satisfied with the corporate culture they work in every day. In our research we examined the organizational culture of a finan-cial institution with the help of a questionnaire along the dimensions of Hofstede. We examined the internal culture mostly on the level of employees, in terms of employee satisfaction. The difference between the present and desired state, which was evaluated by statistical methods revealed the problems arising from the employee side regarding organizational culture. Knowing the existing problems, suggested solutions can be worked out concerning the transformation and development of corporate culture.

KEYWORDS: organizational culture, innovation, corporate culture, cultural problems, change management

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