DOI: 10.21637/GT.2013.2-3.07.

Agricultural Cooperatives and Their Impact on the Regional Development in the Nitra Region


The paper is stressing out the impact of agricultural cooperatives on the regional development in the Nitriansky Region. The presence of an agricultural cooperative can influence the region in several possible ways. The paper focuses mainly on the impact on the local population, local development in terms of local employment, on providing of social benefits for employees and members of cooperatives, providing of agricultural services and other benefits to the local inhabitants as well as to the local self-government and on providing support for the local community. The analysis showed that the most significant influence of agricultural cooperatives on the local development can be seen mainly in the sphere of public utility services, cooperation with the local self-government, support for sport and cultural events and local employment. Despite of general expectations, less significant influence can be seen in the area of agrotourism and rural tourism as well as in support for the regional branding. Research proved that even twenty years after the change of the political regime, the agricultural cooperatives are important stakeholders within the rural development in Nitriansky Region.

KEYWORDS: agriculture cooperatives, local employment, cooperation with lo cal self-government, rural development

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