DOI: 10.21637/GT.2013.1.06.

Ongoing reforms in public administration in Slovakia: How ef ective is the current one envisaged?


The reasons of the continuing reforms in public administration in Slovakia are both political changes after the elections and both aim to reduce the cost of government performance, the number of employees, transfer the responsibilities from the state to self-government, allocation of public funds between government and self-government. All reforms were implemented in the spirit of generally declared attempts “to bring the administration closer to citizen”, which has partly succeeded. However, we can not overlook the negative side of “rotation” of the “general model” and “specialized model” of public administration within the reform process since the citizens did not understand the reasons for these changes. Since 2004 a specialized model of public administration is establishe d. Currently, the Ministry of Interior launched a further reform aimed at restructuring and reducing the state administration. Since January 2013 again a “general model” of public administration is established and regional specialized offices sho uld be cancelled, and from 01.10.2013, the remaining offices of specialized state administrati on will be cancelled as well. Instead of current offices of specialized state administ ration, 72 district offices with general scope will be created. However, it does not mean automatically the decrease of the number of employees. The aim of the reform is to change the ratio of service activities that are dedicated to the cancelled offices. The people, who lose their jobs, are envis-aged to work in “centres of support”activities. The primary goal is not to lay off people, but to use them effectively.

KEYWORDS: reforms of public administration, single contacts points (SCPs), small business, questionnaire survey, regional and district offices

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