DOI: 10.21637/GT.2012.1-2.07.

Analysis of Commission Proposal on Direct Payments in 2014–2020

FEKETE, Pál Győző

The proposal is aimed at 3 major objectives: Viable food production, sustainable management of natural resources and climate action and balanced territorial development. The Commission’s proposal is based on the perception that the pressure on the agricultural income is expected to continue therefore there is a need to maintain the present support also during the next planning period and to reinforce instruments to better manage risks and respond to crisis situations possibly evading from ecologic, climate, energy and biodiversity risks. Concerning the questions of direct payments the article shows that the Commission Proposal would not resulting in elimination of the presently unjustifiable support differences between the Old and New Member States, and in creation of fair, i.e. EQUAL conditions in the field of income and economic competition.

KEYWORDS: European Union, agricultural policy, financial support

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