DOI: 10.21637/GT.2011.3-4.03.

Scientific Evaluation of Sound Branding as an Integrative Part of Brand Management

JÄGER, Clemens – JÄGER, Tina – HOFMANN, Daniela – BENSCH, Tino

Sound Branding has undergone a dynamic development in the last five years. It includes all artificially produced sounds that were used arbitrarily and standardised until now. The potential lies in the creation of brand confirmed sounds that put the customer in a positive mood at every contact point and bind him to the brand. Sound Branding can contribute to the achievement of the goals of the brand management, so that a coordination of the Sound Branding to the identity of a brand is the basis. Still, the effect of Brand Sounds has hardly been researched yet, which is contradictory, but may be due to the fact that music is regarded matter of course. Due to this lack of research, it is difficult to give the acoustic part a similarly high ranking among brand managers like visual design. As the multi-sensory perception of a brand receives more understanding and Sound Branding also contributes to unconscious binding, the sensitivity for acoustic brand management is now developing as well. Due to the increasing knowledge about the effect of sounds, the purposeful usage of Sound Branding is gaining importance in the design and communication of the brand. Sounds have an activating effect, trigger emotions that intensify perception, and strengthen the brand in memory.

KEYWORDS: sound branding, brand management, marketing

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