DOI: 10.21637/GT.2009.1.05.

A vállalkozások hatékonysági tartalékai a menedzsment területén

Efficiency reserves of enterprises in management


A tanulmány arra a kérdésre keres választ, hogy van-e lehetőség a versenyképesség fokozatos javítására. Milyen tartalékokat lehet feltárni a Globális versenyképességi jelentés tapasztalatainak ismeretében, amelyek elősegíthetik a hatékonyság javulásán keresztül az erősebb versenypozíció visszaállítását.

KULCSSZAVAK: versenyképesség, célmegvalósítás, lean management, értékfolyamatok feltérképezése, vezetői hatékonyság

Competitiveness is a comparative concept of the ability and performance of a firm, sub-sector or country to sell and supply goods and/or services in a given market. Competitiveness of enterprises can be led back to the differences in efficiency between competing companies. A certain part of the differences in efficiency can be originated in technical-technological reasons, but economical effects arising from the size, experiences, and special abilities of the enterprises also play a leading role. Within this, the personal element which is in connection with leading-organizing activities on the one hand, and with the knowledge, proficiency, motivation and commitment of the labor force on theother hand is also important.
This paper examines the issues above on the basis of the first experiences of a research cooperation started last year. On the basis of audits of Hungarian companies the universities and advisory companies participating in the research with the co-ordination of the European Lean Association are seeking such kind of relations with the help of which efficiency reserves of the economic factors can be brought to the surface.
The research is built on ‘the paradigm of organizational excellence by Franklin Covey’, according to which organizational excellence is determined by the long-lasting high performance, the loyal customers, the winning organizational culture and cooperation. Their primary conditions are the excellent focus (strategy, aims) and realization, the excellent leading and the excellent people. In our research we use those methods findable in international literature that can give well-established answers to these questions.

KEYWORDS: competitiveness, aim realisation, lean management, the making a map of value processes, managerial efficiency

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